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NBC Fires Donald Trump Over Immigration Remarks

Finally NBC does the correct thing and drops the Miss USA and the Miss Universe pageant after Donald Trump called Mexicans rapist, drug users and criminals. Pero eso no es suficiente. I remember when Paula Dean’s show was canceled for insulting the African-American community and Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty was suspended for his anti-gay remarks, both stories making the top of the news hour. When Univision dropped Trump’s show, the local news did not cover that story until the last minutes of the hour long news cast and I ask myself why is that? It seems that Latinos are treated as second class citizens.

Unfortunately in this country there is no difference between Central and South Americans or Mexicans, they just use the word “Mexican.” If you look brown and Latino you are automatically Mexican and most likely illegal, yes even those that are born in this country. Esperemos que todo esto cambie un dia.

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