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We Need A Chapulin Colorado Movie

The world needs heroes. Some people say that everyday folks that go to work and take care of their families are the real heroes. We say that’s B.S. They don’t even have any super powers! Recently, the African-American community got Black Panther and the nation of Wakanda. What about us? Fear not! We as Latinos have a hero that stands tall above the others. He is more agile that a turtle, stronger than a mouse, and more noble than a head of lettuce. He is El Chapulin Colorado!

El Chapulin is the creation of Mexican comedic genius Chespirito (Roberto Gomez Bolaños)– the man behind El Chavo Del Ocho. He created El Chapulin Colorado in 1970 as a companion piece to El Chavo. Both shows had the same cast of actors, which is why you would often see Doña Florinda as Cleopatra or Don Ramon playing a zombie. El Chapulin’s outfit consisted of a red leotard, tights, hood, and deely-boppers on his head. The show’s plot usually went something like this: Someone in danger, usually a damsel in distress, would say”¿Ay, ahora quien podra defenderme?” (“Ay, who can save/defend me now?”), and El Chapulin would all of a sudden jump on screen. He would try to save the day but his weakness and overall ineptness would tend to get in teh way. Despite this lack of strength and intelligence, El Chapulin would always come ahead due to some fortuitous series of events. Obviously, this was Chespirito’s way of telling his audience that good triumphs over evil, virtue over dishonesty, and all that warms-our-hearts, feel good stuff.

El Chapulin Colorado’s popularity has not waned since the show was cancelled in 1981. This is largely due to the fact that it has remained in constant syndication across the world. The show also spawned a video game, an animated show, and a comic book series. Such is the popularity of the Mexican superhero that The Simpsons creator Matt Groening used him as the inspiration for Bumblebee Man, the bee-suited star Springfield’s Spanish channel. Chances are, right now El Chapulin is on somewhere in Latin America. It’s hard to believe that a show about a grown man dressed like a grasshopper would be so enduring. We guess que no contaron con su astucia.

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