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Netflix Is Bringing Back Carmen Sandiego

Netflix continues its dominance over all media with a project to bring back the Carmen Sandiego saga to its streaming service. Jane the Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez will reportedly voice the super spy. I like the fact that they are honoring the character’s name and casting a Latina to play the part. After all, since the show will be animated it could easily be played by some White actress. Gina will shine, as she always does.

When I was a kid, and didn’t own my own computer (I’m old), I used to go to my aunt Maggie’s house to play games on her Apple II. My favorite game was a simple text game with some beautifully primitive green graphics in which you had to chase spies across the globe. This was, of course, the original Carmen Sandiego game. Later, there was a popular kid’s TV show in which children answered trivia to find her. The game show ran for five years in the 90’s. It’s a great way to teach kids history, geography, and other facts in a fun way. I’m totally going to watch it.

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