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New Doritos Flaming Hot Nacho Flavor

It seems that everyone has hopped on the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos bandwagon and now its Doritos Nachos Cheese turn.

The Doritos Flaming” Hot Nacho is a new, unique flavor that has the taste of the original Doritos Nacho Cheese with a flaming’ hot kick.

Leslie Vesper, senior director of marketing at Frito-Lay North America, said in a statement. “We’re excited to bring together two of our most popular flavors just in time to spice up the snack aisle for the new year. Doritos Flamin’ Hot Nacho is a new, unique flavor that gives fans the essence of the original Doritos Nacho Cheese with a flamin’ hot kick we know snackers love.”

The Doritos Flaming’ Hot Nacho joins the other muy client products available to purchase. Doritos Blaze, Dinamita, Poppin’ Jalapeño, Spicy Nachos, Flamas, Jacked Ranch Dipped Hot Wings and Tapatio flavored Doritos.

You can find the new chips at grocery and convenience stores now in 3.1 ounce bags ($1.89) and 9.75 ounce bags ($4.29).

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