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The New “El Libertador” Film Tells The Tale Of Simon Bolivar

Venezuelan filmmaker Alberto Arvelo has brought the larger than life tale of Simon Bolivar to the screen in “El Libertador“. The movie stars Edgar Ramirez as Bolivar and covers several years of the war of independence. Simon Bolivar was a Venezuelan aristocrat who was instrumental in freeing much of South America from Spanish colonial rule. Later, he was a political leader who dreamed of uniting all of Latin America into one big country. Though his dreams never came to fruition, his inspiration stands as testament to the best ideals of Latin American democracy. Today, his image has been co-opted by the Socialist government set up by Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. He too dreamed of uniting Latin America with his leftist ideals. That too did not come to fruition, (thank God).

The amazing thing about this movie is that it wasn’t made before. Bolivar is one of the most important figures in world history. His accomplishments are truly mind boggling. It took a Venezuelan company to do what Hollywood simply didn’t care to do. I’m not sure if it’s ignorance of his tale or simply that they don’t give a crap about telling a story of a Latino hero. This thing has Oscar bait written all over it. A sweeping epic biopic? The Oscars eat that stuff up. There is a distinct possibility that this might win the Best Foreign Language Oscar. “El Libertador” is coming out here in the U.S. in limited release. ¡Viva Bolivar!

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