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New York Cosmos Soccer Team Head To Cuba

The New York Cosmos soccer team became the first United States professional sports team to visit Cuba since the beginning of the thaw in relations between the two nations. They played an exhibition game in which Cosmos beat the Cuban team 4-1. The team received a huge reception when they touched down in Havana’s Jose Marti International Airport. The move is seen as a positive move towards normalization in relations. Sports, like music and the arts, are a good way to bring people with different points of view together. While soccer is nowhere near as popular in Cuba as it is in other Latin American countries it still has a decent following, (second to baseball, of course). Cosmos coach Giovanni Savarese said,

“We feel very privileged after so many years to come here to Cuba to unite people through the sport. I think sports can build many, many bridges. We feel that’s definitely the case here. We have to enjoy the moment and unite the people through the game we’re going to have here.”

I can’t wait for a major league baseball team to go. Then all hell is going to break lose.



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