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The Odyssey of Jose Canseco’s Finger

We told you last week that baseball legend and walking funny story generator Jose Canseco accidentally shot himself in the hand. He blew off one of his fingers and had to have it surgically reattached. One might think that that would be the end of the story but there was more adventures to be had. The finger fell off while Jose was playing poker in Las Vegas. Let me write that again: Jose Canseco’s finger, the one he had reattached a week ago, just fell off during a poker game. I imagine when it fell off onto a stack of chips that no one called that bet. But let Jose tell you the tale via Twitter, spelling mistakes and all:

“Dam I was playing in a poker tournament last night and something crazy happened to my finger that I shot off and they put back on. I knew something crazy was going to happen with this dam finger cause it felt like it was falling off. Ok well I might as well tell you .I was playing in a poker tournament last night and my finger fell off .someone took a video of it. This guy called my agent and sold him the video.of my finger falling off .it looks kinda I want to see the video I haven’t even seen it yet .”

Jose Canseco is like a walking gross-out comedy come to life. Why no one has pitched a reality show starring him is beyond me…wait…I have some phone calls to make.

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