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Offensive Latino Halloween Costumes You Should Never Wear

With another Halloween here it’s time to dress up and have fun but there are plenty of offensive Latino themed costumes you should avoid.

Latin dancer
Ah, yes the lady in the tutti frutti hat, made popular by Carmen Miranda in the 1940’s and 50’s. This costume has Brazilian stereotypes written all over it.

Day of the dead
First of all dia de los muertos is not Halloween and it is not related in any way. Day of the Dead is a spiritual and religious celebration of the loved ones that have passed to the world of the dead. Please respect this Mexican tradition and avoid the urge.

Being a Mexican for a day
Yes, I’m talking about wearing a large sombrero, un sarape and a large mustache. I dont think I have to explain why this is offensive. Ironically this is a very popular costume for cinco de Mayo.

Illegal Alien
Regardless if you are dressing up as a border patrol agent or an illegal alien, you definitely want to avoid this costume at all cost. Immigration affects million of people y no solo Latinos. All thought when people think of the issue they only think Latinos. This costume is outrageously offensive.

These are just a few of many offensive costumes you want to avoid this Halloween. Let’s have fun and please keep it clean.

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