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Ohio Brewery To Erect Tap House Next To The U.S. Mexican Border

A Columbus, Ohio craft brewery is getting a lot of attention with its plans to set up shop on the U.S. Mexican border, their idea is to make beer not walls.

The idea is for half of the bar to be situated on the U.S. side in the state of Texas and the other to sit on the Mexican state of Chihuahua. They hope that craft beer fans on both sides of the border can come together and enjoy beer.

“Beer is a universal language and has a heritage and legacy that far outdates the creation of most nation states,” one of BrewDog’s co-founders, James Watt, said in the news release. “So we want to celebrate its capacity to bring cultures together with this ‘Bar on the Edge’.”

The tap house will feature an outdoor seating area where a dotted line marks the U.S. Mexico border line. As for the actually building it will be construed of recycled shipping containers which would be defined as a temporary mobile building.

This sounds like a great idea. Instead of dividing people they are trying to bring them together. Not sure if this is even possible especially with Donald Trump and I am sure there is a lot of red tape to make this idea a reality.

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