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It Has Been One Year Since The Pulse Nightclub Shooting

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub massacre in Orlando. In one of the worst mass shooting acts of terrorism in recent memory, Omar Mateen entered the popular LGBTQ nightclub on Latino night and killed 49 people, (who were overwhelmingly Latino). He appears to have been motivated by a radical fundamentalist Islamist doctrine as well as rampant homophobia. The media spoke about the shooting at length a year ago about the Islamist angle and the homophobia, which were a major factor of course, but little was said about the fact that most of the victims were Latino.

It is no accident, I believe, that Mateen chose Latino night for the shooting. It seems like too much of coincidence. Did he see Latino life as having even less value than LGBTQ life? It’s hard to enter into the mind of a dead man so it is impossible to tell Mateen’s ultimate motives. The reality is probably that it was a variety of things that led him to murder all of those people. It just seems to me that something that is lacking in the coverage of the shooting is the fact that so many of the victims were Latino.

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