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The Oscars Are Super White…Again

The nominations for the 2016 Academy Awards came out last week and as came as a surprise to no one, they are lily White. With the exception of Alejandro G. Iñarritu who got a best director nod for The Revenant, everyone else is pretty much a Gringo. There were a ton of good movies this year that starred Black or Latino actors and had non-White story lines, but once again Hollywood has said that it doesn’t really care. Prominent Black media makers like Will and Jada-Pinkett Smith and Spike Lee have said they are boycotting the Oscars this year because it is pretty bad this year. Worst than most years, which is saying a lot. But to those of us that work in the industry, it comes as no surprise.

The people who vote on these films are members of the Academy, which means the Hollywood establishment basically. These people are overwhelmingly White. From the heads of studios and networks to the P.A.s that get people coffee. Minorities, and for that matter women, are grossly underrepresented. Even with the lip service being paid in the last few years to increase diversity in TV and film, it’s still pretty whitewashed. Until more minorities are working in the entertainment industry in positions of power, this trend is going to continue. At least we have Iñarritu. He’s so good that no one can deny him.

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