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Panama Was Robbed In The Gold Cup Semi-finals

In the first game of the CONCACAF Gold Cup semi-finals Jamaica stunned the U.S. by beating them 2-1. No one could believe what just happened including myself. Would the second game of the semi-finals between Mexico and Panama bring any surprises?

When things looked very bad for El Tri, on the 88th minute lighting struck and all hell broke loose. With El Tri down one goal, Panama’s defender, Roman Torres, was called for a hand ball in the penalty area. TV replays clearly showed que no era penal. In an instant fans started to throw debris on the field, fights between the two clubs broke out, the refs were targeted by some of Panama’s players while others just waked off the field in protest. After 10 minutes the game resumed and all eyes were on Mexico’s captain, Andres Guardado, to see if he would intentionally kick out the penalty shot in protest.

The game would end up going into extra time where ironically Mexico would win the match on another penalty call. Que desgracia fue este juego. Panama was clearly the better team and should be in the finals. As far as El Tri they got lucky again, but they will need a lot of luck if they want to win against a strong Reggae Boyz team, with players who can run at Mexico’s defenders.

Later that night Panama’s National team took to social media in protest of the game, the refs, CONCACAF and the corruption in FIFA.

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