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Panthers Have Become South America’s Team

Move over Cowboys the Carolina Panthers are now South America’s team. The Panthers are having an epic season and their popularity in South America has exploded. In Argentina Cam Newton is know as “El Dinosaurio” while Josh Norman as “El Bandolero.” In Puerto Rico the number of Panthers fans continues to grow each week, and in Mexico, there are fans who are swapping their Cowboys jerseys for Panthers jerseys. So what is causing so many Sur Americanos que cambien de equipo?

Besides the great season the Panthers are having, the Carolina Panthers Spanish announcers are doing for the NFL what the loudest and proudest soccer announcers did for the World Cup. Jaime Moreno and Luis Moreno Jr add that flair and excitement to the Panthers games and the South American fans are loving it. If you think hearing a soccer announcer say, “Goooooooooool!” is awesome, you have to hear what the Morenos do when Newton flips in the the end zone.

With a little Spanglish, part song-and-dance and mostly hysteria, the Spanish radio calls are amazing! It all happen in Week 2 against the Houston Texans when Newton front-flipped in the the end zone. Jaime gave it the World Cup treatment, howling Superman and “bail” and the rest is history. It’s great to see that finally someone put some savor latino to the NFL and both Spanish and English speaking fans are loving it.

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