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Pete Davidson Joked About Messing With Ariana Grande’s Birth Control

During the season premiere of Saturday Night Live, Peter Davidson joined the Weekend Update skit to chat about his engagement with Adriana Grande where he talked about Grande paying $60,000 for rent while all he has to do is “stock the fridge.” He then made the comment “last night I switched her birth control with Tic Tacs.”

“I believe in us, and all,” he continued, “I just want to make sure she can’t go anywhere.”

Fans on Twitter were less than thrilled with his comments, especially his comment of switching Ariana’s birth control, calling the joke insensitive, and urging SNL to be better with their content.

Ariana Grande is going to some tough times with being groped during Aretha Franklin’s televised funeral and her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller dying from a suspected overdose. Not sure if she can even see the humor in the comments made by her fiancé with all that she is going through. She recently announced she was taking a break from social media and the spotlight for a while, but now with this she is back in the news. This is probably very bad timing by SNL.

What do you think, did SNL go too far or are people taking this too serious?

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