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Pixar’s New Movie “Coco” Is All About Mexican Pride

Pixar’s new film Coco takes us south of the border to the land that strikes fear in the heart of orange billionaires everywhere. The film celebrates Mexican culture, in particular mariachi music and El Dia De Los Muertos. It tells the tale of Miguel (Anthony Gonzalez) who desperately wants to be a musician like his dead hero Ernesto de la Cruz (Benjamin Bratt) against his family’s wishes. After his abuela catches him playing guitar on the sly, he runs away from home and ends up in the land of the dead. It’s there that he learns the truth about his family’s musical roots. The cast also includes Gabriel Garcia Bernal who said of the film,

“I’m excited to show this very special film and to tell the world about the Mexican culture and our traditions. It’s incredible and an important moment. There’s a lot of emotion, and it’s beautiful that the film truthfully tells the story of life and death and the identities of being a Mexican in a positive and human way.”

First of all, I’m all about this movie because it has actual Latinos in the cast. It’s not some White dudes in a sound booth somewhere in Burbank affecting Mexican accents. Also Pixar is amazing. They make me cry every time. Well, not Cars. I think I’m the wrong age demographic for Cars. At any rate, we need positive portrayals of Latino culture for our kids today. With all the anti-Latino rhetoric going around nowadays, movies like Coco show kids they should be proud of their roots.

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