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In Poor Taste: Tailgate Mural Art

We Latinos are notorious for self-expression. Whether it be through music, film, or food, we have a knack for putting a bit of ourselves into everything that we do. Unfortunately, we don’t always look good in doing so. Sometimes, however, our desire to tell people who we are, what we believe, makes us look tasteless and a bit clueless. We are of course, talking about the ill-conceived tailgate mural. In honor of our sponsor Mike’s Lite Hard Lemonade– whose slogan is»Not everyone has great taste, we do.»– we’ve gone ahead and profiled the different types of cluelessly tasteless tailgate murals you’ll find out there.

Religious Imagery

Before you guys say anything, we just want to make it clear that we have no beef with religion (regardless of denomination). What we have a problem with, however, is the way some people express their religiosity via the back of their pick-up trucks. Take the vehicle above. Their intention of depicting Juan Diego’s encounter with the Virgin of Guadalupe is good-natured, but wouldn’t it have looked better on a white t-shirt? Or better yet, on your bedroom wall, where nobody would be subjected to your tackiness?

Dead Celebrities

Personally, we like to pay tribute to our favorite deceased artists by listening to their  music catalog. Having their face painted on the back of a pick-up truck? Yeah, that’s a bit much. If Selena were still alive today, she’d shoot herself to death out of the sheer embarrassment.

Your Children

Showcasing your children’s faces in a mural says one thing, and one thing only: these is how many kids I have. Please kidnap them. Next!


This is the Inception of tailgate mural art: a truck within a truck. The only difference between the two is that Nolan’s film was original and this… the word «idiot» comes to mind.

The Smorgasbord

Actually, this one’s straight up awesome. No snark, no sarcasm. Straight up badassery.

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