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The Pope To Visit The U.S. And Address Congress

Pope Francis will be making a stop in the United States later this year and is expected to speak to a joint session of Congress. The trip will come at the end of September and also include stops in New York City and Philadelphia. This will be the first time that a Pope has ever addressed the U.S. Congress. The Pope will also visit the White House and meet with President Obama. The popular pontiff is expected to draw record crowds as he has done wherever he’s gone. He was invited by Speaker of the House John Boehner last year. Boehner said,

“Pope Francis has inspired millions of Americans with his pastoral manner and servant leadership, challenging all people to lead lives of mercy, forgiveness, solidarity, and humble service. His tireless call for the protection of the most vulnerable among us – the ailing, the disadvantaged, the unemployed, the impoverished, the unborn – has awakened hearts on every continent.”

The Pope is expected to speak on various topics but what he will probably most address is the growing economic divide among Americans. Pope Francis has dedicated his life to helping the poor and has spoken many times about the need for economic equity. The United States has some of the richest people in the world and this contrasts with people in many walks of life here that can barely make ends meet. It’s expected that he will ask for more economic equity and warn about the evils of avarice and social inequalities. It’s not known if he will also touch on controversial topics such as abortion and gay marriage. It will be interesting to see what he has to say.

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