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President Trump Tweets Misleading Border Wall Pics

Oh, Donald. When will you learn that your lies are so easy to prove false. I guess he doesn’t know about Google image search because he tweeted some pics boasting about the start of construction on his proposed border wall. He said,

The only problem is that these are not pics of his border wall. They are from 2009 when the government improved part of a wall in California. Whoops! In fact, it looks like Trump isn’t getting the wall he swore to build during his campaign any time soon. He needs 21 billion dollars to build the expensive and unnecessary wall that runs the length of the U.S./Mexico border. The Republican controlled congress only approved 1.6 billion, which will pretty much just patch up parts of the fence that runs along some parts of the border. Needless to say, Trump is not pleased seeing as this is the main thing he ran on.

Seriously, how stupid is this guy? How does he not know that these things are easy to disprove? Let’s put aside for the moment that the wall is based on the racist belief that Latinos are all rapists and murderers coming to steal and murder White people. Let’s forget also that Latino immigration is way down and that the most numerous immigrants now are from China and India. But whatever. I’m just glad that the Republicans in congress didn’t give in and appropriate the funds to build the wall. I mean, if you can’t get the sycophantic toadies in congress to agree to something, you know it’s stupid.

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