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Remembering The Latina Beauties Of The Past

We here at Tu Vez are great admirers of female beauty. Let’s face it, this is a pretty ugly world we live in. War, death, poverty, reruns of Full House, all make modern life hard to watch. We do our girl galleries in order to bring a little beauty into your lives. But we don’t just appreciate the hotness of modern day Latinas. The ladies on this list represent the sexiest Latina stars from the past. Not only were they beautiful, they also paved the way for modern day hotties like Sofia Vergara and Penelope Cruz.

Rita Moreno

We would live with her in the slums of Hell’s Kitchen any day. The sultry star of West Side Story became a well known actress in the 60’s, and is still working today. She is also the only Latino ever to achieve the near impossible EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony). Tracy Jordan would be jealous.

Raquel Welch

Ooooh Raquel. It is a fact that your dad had a poster of Raquel in his room growing up. She was one of the all time champion hotties, not only for Latinos, but for the world. Raquel appeared in numerous films including, One Million Years, B.C., Fantastic Voyage, and Legally Blond. She’s still beautiful in and she’s 70! Talk about your GILFS.

Katy Jurado

Katy was the go-to Latina for Westerns. She starred in dozens of them in the 40’s and 50’s, including the classic High Noon. Though she often played the stereotypical Latina woman of ill repute, she brought nuances to her performances that made them pop on screen. Something about her eyes is just plain old sexy.

Rita Hayworth

If your dad had a poster of Raquel Welch up in his room, your grandfather had Rita Hayworth. It is a fact Rita was one of the most popular images painted on bombers in WWII. The Greatest Generation wanted those Nazis to know what they were fighting for: Latina hottness.

Delores Del Rio

Talk about your trailblazers. This Mexican beauty was one of the first openly Latino stars in Hollywood history. In the 20’s and 30’s she appeared legendary films including: What Price Glory?, The Bad One, and Bird of Paradise. Delores continued being a big star here and in Mexico until her death.

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