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The Republican National Committee Shuns Univision In 2016

The Republican National Committee announced which networks will carry the 2016 presidential debates and Univision was not chosen. This decision is dumbfounding seeing as Univision is the most popular Spanish language television channel that reached 96% of Latino households in the United States. Both Democrats and Republicans have spoken about the importance that Latinos will play in the 2016 election. As the fastest growing demographic in the U.S., Latinos have become THE population that swings elections. Many studies have shown that one of the main reasons that Obama won the 2012 election was the fact that his sweeping immigration reform with regard to the DREAMERS was a popular move among Latinos. In the aftermath of the Republican loss it was said that Republicans had to reach out to Latinos in order to win the next election. I guess they decided that they didn’t need to do that after all.

Perhaps their winning both houses of the congress led them to believe that they no longer needed the Latino vote. Given their attitudes toward immigration it certainly seems that way. Even Latino congressmen like Ted Cruz seem to have forgotten the lesson of 2012. The days where they can rely on their classical constituency of affluent White people is quickly coming to an end. So, the Republican debates will only reach English speaking audiences in 2016. I can’t wait to hear what Jorge Ramos thinks of all this.

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