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Ricky Martin Now Sings His Songs To A “He”

Ricky Martin has decided to stop playing the pronoun game and direct his songs to a “he” and not a “she”. He also decided to do it in Morocco, a country where it is illegal to be a homosexual. Martin pulled the pronoun switch during a performance at a music festival in the Islamic country. It’s a bold move, even for someone who has been out of the closet for several years now. For most of Ricky’s thirty year career he pretended to be straight, at least in public. His songs were directed at “she” and “her” and he made out with hot girls in his music videos. It was all a lie, of course, one he and his record company felt he had to do. It’s a sad fact that there is a lot of homophobia out there and we Latinos are especially prone to these attitudes.

Ricky started his career as a member of the Puerto Rican supergroup Menudo when he was just twelve years old. By the time he was in his early twenties he was a huge solo artist in the Spanish language markets. There is no way in the early 90’s in Latin America that most parents would have let their daughters listen to an openly gay singer. He kept this facade going when he crossed over into the English-speaking market in the late 90’s, but again, the culture just wasn’t ready for a squeaky clean kid like Ricky to sing his muy caliente songs about a dude. It is a sign of our growth as a culture, both Latino and American, that we now not only allow Ricky to sing about men but celebrate him doing so. Maybe the bad elements of Latin machismo are slowly dying?

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