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Robin Williams Dies At 63 Of Possible Suicide

Comedy and acting legend Robin Williams has passed away at age 63 of an apparent suicide. He was found in his California home yesterday and appeared to have been dead for a few hours. The cause of death was asphyxiation. In a press release sent out by his publicist it was revealed that Williams had been suffering from severe depression and had recently checked into rehab. He had been clean from drugs and alcohol for decades but had a relapse in 2006 and again this year. Williams will be remembered for his dozens of films. He started out as a stand up doing off the wall existential comedy in the 70’s. This led to his breakout role as the extraterrestrial Mork on Mork and Mindy. This led to a career that had him playing a variety of roles both comedic and dramatic. He won an Oscar for his part in Good Will Hunting. Williams was also known for his charitable work for Comic Relief and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

As a person who has been a comic actor and writer all my life I can’t tell you what an influence Robin Williams was on me. From the time I first saw him as a small child on Mork and Mindy I knew there was something special. I don’t think comedies get much better than The Birdcage. But I also loved his serious work. The Dead Poet’s Society is still one of my favorite movies. It just goes to show you the insidiousness of depression. It can rob a person who has everything of their will to live. If you know someone or are yourself suffering from depression, please seek professional help.

So, long Mork. Nanu Nanu.

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