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The Rolling Stones To Play Havana

The legendary British rock band The Rolling Stones announced that they will be playing a free concert in Havana on March 25th. This comes in the midst of an exciting month of events that exemplify the continuing thaw between the United States and Europe and the communist country. A few days before the concert, President Obama will visit with Cuban president Raul Castro, the first sitting American president to visit Cuba since Calvin Coolidge. In addition, on March 22, the Tampa Rays will play an exhibition baseball game against the Cuban national baseball team, an event that will surely bring out all of baseball loving Cuba. President Obama will be present at the game as well.

The concert will be held at the Ciudad Deportiva de la Habana and is open and free for all. It shows how far the island has come in many ways. 20 years ago rock music was outlawed as a decadent imperialist threat. Now there is a statue of John Lennon in a park in Havana and the Rolling Stones get to play. There is much work to be done as far as people’s freedom of speech and expression, to be sure, but it is a step in the right direction. We gain nothing by isolating the island, that simply did not work. But by showing the Cuban people alternatives to the world they have known for 50 years, they will want to change the things about their country that aren’t so great and God knows we could learn a thing or two from them about health care and education.

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