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Ryan Lochte Injured By Enthusiastic Fan

Champion swimmer Ryan Lochte had a bad weekend after tearing his ACL in his left knee. Was he training too hard or did he get into a car wreck? No. A teenage girl that probably thinks the half-Cubano swim champ is soooo dreamy decided she had to jump in his arms and get a hug. When Ryan tried to catch this crazy girl they both fell over and he banged his knee on the ground. Doctors say he’s going to recover but an injury like that could have ended his swimming career. Fans can get a little enthusiastic when they meet their favorite stars. I get that it is exciting but maybe you shouldn’t jeopardize their career by messing up the one thing they require most just so that you can get your jollies by rubbing up against them. That would be like telling Selena Gomez that you think she’s really pretty and then throwing battery acid in her face. It just doesn’t make any sense, yo.

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