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The Saga Of Yasmany Tomas’ MLB Start

When Yasmany Tomas defected from Cuba in June, the buzz started almost immediately. This 24-year-old player is one of the heaviest hitters to come out of Cuba in a long time. Back on the island he hit .289 with a .538 slugging percentage and 15 home runs. He really showed what he could do at the World Baseball Classic. He has been down in the Dominican Republic training ever since and the question has become who would snatch him up. There were strong rumors that the Phillies were going to contract him with a salary that could go as high as 80 million. But for reasons that are unclear they backed down from their offer. The Diamondbacks have reportedly made him an offer of 68.5 million for six years. Right now it seems like his best option. I have no doubt that someone with his potential will land on his feet in a pile of cash.

It’s an interesting time for Cubans in the major leagues. Currently, there are more Cubans playing than ever before. You have Yasiel Puig in LA, Yoenis Cespedes, Jose Abreu, Rusney Castillo starting up in Boston next year, and up and comer Jorger Soler. Cubans live and breath baseball as much as if not more than anyone on the planet. I’ve been to the island and I can tell you that baseball is far more than an obsession. If one thing is certain is that these guys will bring a lot of passion to the game.

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