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Salma Hayek And Her Hubby Are Bad Tippers

When it comes to tipping, Latinos get a bad rap that they tip less then 15% or even worse they don’t tip at all. Don’t get me wrong if I get crappy service then the amount I tip will reflect that. Now when it comes to millionaires, are they expected to give a big tip? Well recently la bella actriz Mexicana, Salma Hayek and her hubby were eating at a West Hollywood restaurant, they apparently only left a 10 dollar tip for a bill of 90 dollars. That’s less then the standard 15 percent. Not sure how bad the service was but I am sure the waitress thought she would get a very good tip, after all she was waiting on Francios-Henri Pinault, one of the richest people in France. I guess they wanted to save money for their shopping spree. After leaving the restaurant, the couple with their kids headed hacia la boutique muy exclusiva, Fred Segal, where they came out with several bags.

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