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Selena Gomez Is Seeing Justin Bieber…Again

It seems that in spite of our advice, common sense, taste, and reason Selena Gomez is seeing Justin Bieber again. It seems that the two of them went to Bible study together which in and of itself is weird. You would think that holding the Bible would turn Bieber into a pillar of d-bag dust seeing as he is the spawn of Satan. Biebs posted a picture of Instagram of him carrying Gomez and her kissing him on the cheek. Not exactly a sex tape but more than enough to show that the two are probably canoodling again. I just don’t get it. I mean, I don’t get why any sand human woman who isn’t unconscious would want to sleep with Justin Bieber but I guess he has some appeal. It can’t be the money because she’s got plenty of money on her own. It can’t be his personality because he is about as charismatic as a chewed up dog toy. Maybe it’s his sweet sweet lovin’ but I HIGHLY doubt it.

No, the only thing that makes sense is that she is depressed and this is her way of hurting herself. It’s like cutting only instead of drawing blood you just spend all of your time with a Canadian troll doll.

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