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Smuggle Truck: The New Racist Game For Your iPhone!

There is a new game at the Apple App store called Smuggle Truck. In the game you have to try and keep Mexican undocumented workers from falling off your truck to their deaths. Because, really, haven’t you always wanted to be a coyote that puts the lives of others in danger for a quick buck? The game is the deranged brainchild of Boston-based company Owlchemy Labs. Given that there are probably only three Hispanics in Boston, let us help you, Owlchemy. Here is our pitch for some more racistastic games you can develop:

1. Float To Miami On A Pool Noodle – It starts out in Cuba, where you have to build a raft out of trash. Then you have to dodge sharks and old Soviet sea mines across the Florida Straits. You win if you land in Miami and get a job in the kitchen of an Applebees.

2. You Got My Sister Pregnant – In this game you play Chuy, an L.A. Cholo. When your sister Deyanira gets knocked up, you have to find the dude that got her pregnant and smoke that fool. You have a choice of weapons: Piñata bat, Aquanet flamethrower, and a tortilla maker!

3. Latin American Death Squad – Enforce the will of the Generalisimo with your right wing junta. The burning villages will look great on the iPhone’s crystal clear screen.

4. Dishwashing Hero – This game is based on Guitar Hero, but instead of a rockstar you are a dishwasher. Each button corresponds to a different action: wash, soap, scrub, rinse. Try it on experto mode!

5. Angry Narcos – It’s sort of like Angry Birds, except that you use a sling shot to shoot members of the Juarez cartel at federales and DEA agents. It’s addictive!

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