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SNL Adds First Latina Cast Member In Melissa Villaseñor


After 41 years Saturday Night Live added its first ever Latina cast member by casting Melissa Villaseñor. The comedian and impressionist is of Mexican descent and is extremely funny. There is no doubt that she will do well on the show which has been, let’s face it, lackluster for years. She got her big break a few years ago on America’s Got Talent. She does the best Jennifer Lopez impression I’ve ever seen. There are plenty of funny stand-ups out there but good impressionists are hard to find.

Melissa is the first Latina and only third person of Latin descent to be on the show. Horatio Sanz and Fred Armisen were Latinos but there had never been a Latina on the show. Saturday Night Live has long been accused of being overly White. Over the history of the show they have only had a handful of Black performers and only three Latinos. I’m thinking back now and I don’t think they have ever had an Asian cast member. Lorne Michaels is clearly trying to, at least a little bit, remedy this. But when you consider that the other two new cast members are White men, I don’t know how much he wants to fix it.

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