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Soccer In A Baseball Diamond

Yesterday, our stylish bros over at Made Man were fortunate enough to attend the Juventus- Club America match. “Big deal,” you say, “all the major European clubs are playing their pre-season matches in the United States to make some bank.” Listen, hater. It is a big deal. Why? Because the two teams didn’t face off at the Meadowlands, but at Citi Field. Yes, that’s right, “home of the New York Mets” Citi Field. Shawn Donnelly wrote up about his experience at the not-so-common venue.

A highlight from his story:

“At halftime Steve and I moved farther down the third base line, behind Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon. Buffon was the starting goalkeeper on the 2006 Italian national team that won the World Cup. So he’s kind of a big deal—tall and bronzed and handsome and good. He seemed to have a healthy relationship with the Club America fans. He would smile at them and give them a thumb’s up when they threw the ball back to him, and they would yell “puto” (Spanish for “male prostitute”) when he kicked goal kicks. (This has very little to do with the game being played in a baseball stadium. I just thought this was funny.)”

Ah, yes. The traditional in-unison “Puto!” chant. You can read the rest of the story here.

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