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Soccer Round-Up: Manchester United Kills Arsenal 8-2, Amazing Goal By Jeremain Lens

No, you’re not reading that headline wrong. Manchester United, winner of last year’s Premiership, defeated Arsenal (are they still an EPL/European powerhouse?) 8-2 yesterday at Old Trafford. Clearly The Gunners desperately miss Cesc Fabregas (now with Barcelona) and French winger Samir Nasri (left for Manchester City).

Describing every single goal to you via words seems kind of pointless when there’s video highlights (ugh, reading!), so we won’t say much other than the fact that it wasn’t pretty. Unless you’re a Man U. fan. In which case, it was glorious. Wayne “Hair Plugs” Rooney had a hat trick that came off of dead balls (two free kicks and one penalty shot) and newcomer Ashley Young had two phenomenal goals. Community Shield hero Nani, Ji-Sun Park, and Danny Welbeck all had one a piece. Not partaking in the goal frenzy were two of Man U’s best scorers from last season: Dimitar Berbatov and Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez, who came in as a sub in the 36th minute. Check out all the goals:

In non-EPL news, Dutch squad PSV Eindhoven beat SV Josko during their Europa League match this weekend. That’s not really relevant news because the Europa League is the NIT to the Champions League NCAA National tournament (college basketball), but there was this pretty amazing goal by PSV’s Jeremain Lens. Not only does Lens maintain his balance after being tackled (a lesser man would’ve fallen to the floor, clutched his leg, and waited for his opponent to get carded), but he manages to score from the side line in epic fashion. It’s just… we’re in awe. Watch the insane score:

There’s still a couple of months left in 2011, but we’re just going to go ahead and call it now. Jeremain Lens has scored the goal of the year.

image via ESPN

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