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Space X Unvails First Manned Spacecraft Tonight

Space X founder Elon Musk revealed their first manned spacecraft last night. The ship is called the Dragon V2 and is a reusable spacecraft that can carry up to seven space travelers up to the International Space Station. The ship is about fifteen feet tall and has a rounded cone top. Space X has already sent several loads of cargo up to the space station and plans to send manned crews up soon as part of their multibillion dollar contract with NASA. Musk has been called the real life Tony Stark for his crazy ability to innovate new and exciting products like the Tesla cars and his Space X rockets. The thing that makes this craft so exciting is that it will cut down on using wasteful rockets and be the first reusable spacecraft since the space shuttle.

I’m from NASA’s hometown in Houston, TX and growing up a lot of my friend’s parents worked there. Over the years I’ve watched as that storied organization that once landed men on the moon get their funding cut repeatedly as space travel became less of a concern. One of the last truly great innovations was the space shuttle in the early 80’s. But when the shuttle program closed down a couple of years ago, NASA had nothing reusable to replace it with. R&D on new spacecraft stalled out years ago at NASA. Not so at private companies. In 2010, president Obama called for private industry to step up and fill in the gap. That appears to be the future of space travel. Richard Branson’s Virgin has already developed a low Earth orbit spacecraft that will start making flights soon. It’s a shame that the government stopped making traveling to space a priority. It looks like in a few decades we’ll be traveling to the moon on a private aircraft. I wonder if we can get our hands on one. We can drop it and put some tight chrome rims on it. Maybe airbrush a Virgin of Guadalupe on the side and write TuVez in Old English letters. Just a thought.

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