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Spanglish Word Hall Of Fame: Freakiando

I honestly didn’t know this wasn’t a word. For years.


adj. A bastardized hybrid of the words freaking out filtered through a thick Spanish accent.

ex: “Yo estoy completamente freakidado sobre el resultado de los analysis de gonorrhea.”

“I am totally freaking out about the results of my gonorrhea blood test.”

verb. It can also be used as a verb by using freakio, freakié or freakiando.

ex: “Cuando me dijeron en Maury Povich que era el padre, yo me freakié.”

“When they told me on the Maury Povich show that I was the father, I freaked out.”

“Ella se esta freakiando porque le arrolle a la abuela.”

“She’s freaking out because I ran over her grandmother.”

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