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“Star Wars: Episode VII” Announcements, Still No Latinos In Space

This week has seen actual for real not BS news about Star Wars Episode VII come out of the Disney Saarlac pit. The Mouse announced that shooting for the 7th installment of the Star Wars franchise will start in May. They also confirmed that the events in the film will take place 30 years after the events of Return of the Jedi and feature some new heroes as well as familiar faces. This is probably in reference to the almost certain return of Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford in their iconic roles. There has also been a nasty rumor that Girls actor Adam Driver might play the villain…which is…weird casting. The one character Disney has confirmed will return is R2-D2, who is arguably the real hero of the entire series. But my question is: will there be any Latinos in this one?

The galaxy was fairly White in the first Star Wars films. The only person of color was Lando Calrissian, played by the great Billy Dee Williams. Yes, I know that Jimmy Smits was in Episode II and III as Bail Organa, but honestly who gives a crap? He was a minor character that got about 5 minutes of screen time. He and the rest of the homeboys later get blown up when the first Death Star blows up Alderaan, which I guess is code for Mexico. That’s why that second Death Star wasn’t built in time. It was because they blew up all the Latino day laborers.

What I do know is that as far as Star Wars and Star Trek go they could use a few more Latinos. Battlestar Gallactica had Edward James Olmos as the captain of the ship so at least one sci-fi franchise has a Latino lead character. What about Danny Trejo as a Sith Lord? Jedi Knight Diego Luna? Queen Sofia Vergara of the Teta system? Benicio Del Toro as a bounty hunter? Anything would be nice. Representation is important and it would be nice if the kids that are going to come up watching these films see themselves on the screen. Come on, Disney, throw us a lightsaber.

But seriously, Danny Trejo as a Sith. Darth Vato.

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