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“Strawberry Fields” Turned Into Song About Migrant Workers

Grammy award winning group La Santa Cecilia has taken a Beatles’ classic Strawberry Fields and changed the meaning behind the song to be about the plight of migrant workers. The original song was a nonsense verse that John Lennon named after a park in his native Liverpool. La Santa Cecilia examined who exactly works in these strawberry fields. The answer is mostly migrant workers. As La Santa Cecilia member Marisol Hernandez explains,

“One day we started leaving L.A. to play in Bakersfield and we saw the fruit fields and the strawberry fields and listening to the song on my iPod. I thought, man, it connected. Seeing all these migrant workers, working for hours strawberry fields forever and it was just like, ‘woah!,’ when you just connect a lyric.”

The video is pretty amazing. It works backwards from a cake with strawberries on it and takes us on the journey of the strawberries. The beginning of their trip is when they are picked by migrant workers toiling in the fields for little pay. It’s an interesting idea. Check out the video and let us know what you think of it.

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