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Taco Bell Getting Rid of Nacho Fries

Months ago Taco Bell launched the Nacho Fries which have become their most successful dish to date. The $1 snack consists of seasoned fries and a tub of nacho cheese sauce. Since its launch Taco Bell has had more than 53 million orders, so why is the Nacho Fries going away?

Regardless of their success, Taco Bell planned on having the Nacho Fries as a limited time menu item. Taco Bell already extended the limited-time run to meet demand, but now the end has come to the popular Nacho Fries.

Like the McRib, the fries will eventually make their way back on the menu. An exact date hasn’t been revealed, but a representative from Taco Bell said you can expect to be able to stuff them into your Crunchwraps and burritos sometime this summer.

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