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Taco Bell is Opening a Taco-Themed Hotel and Resort

Taco Bell is going where no fast-food restaurant has gone before, its opening its very own resort hotel. ¡QUE! Thats right this is really happening. Starting on Aug 9th, fans of the fast-food chain will be able to book a room at the Taco Bell Hotel and Resort in Palms Springs, California. According to Taco Bell, the hotel will offer several unique menu items that will only be available at the hotel. It will only be open for a limited time, however.

“Get ready for ‘Bell’hops and Baja Blasts, fire sauce and sauce packet floaties,” because according to a press release Taco Bell will be give fans an unexpected and unforgettable trip of a lifetime.

The hotel and resort will also feature a “not-to-miss gift shop,” which will offer exclusive apparel. There will also be an onsite salon which will offer Taco Bell-inspired nail art and hairstyles options.

For those fans that want to stay a night or the weekend at the resort, they can start making a reservation starting in June.

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