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Taco Bell Sauce Saves Another Life

A few weeks ago we heard the shocking news that a man survived for five days stranded in the snow by eating nothing but Taco Bell hot sauce packets.

Well now there is another incident which a person was saved by Taco Bell sauce packets .

A Florida man was sitting down at a Taco Bell in Winter Haven when he decided to get up from his seat to get more hot sauce. Seconds later, an elderly man crashed through the front of that Taco Bell with his car, hitting the table where the hot-sauce-retrieving customer had been sitting just moments before.

“Police said a customer who was in the restaurant where the car crashed into the building had just left that area to get hot sauce.” The driver of the SUV was a 77-year-old man who thought the vehicle was in reverse, when he hit the accelerator and was in drive instead.

Although the building has significant damage, police say that no one was hurt.   

Looks like we all know who or what to thank for saving the mans life.

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