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The 2014 WRC Corona Rally Guanajuato

March 11, 2014 

The world rally championship has several championships throughout the world which pits drivers and production based cars against some of the toughest and most varied conditions on the planet. Established in 1973, the WRC is considered one of the most challenging motorsport championships in the world. The Annual WRC Corona Rally championship takes place in Mexico in….


In Poor Taste: Tailgate Mural Art

July 13, 2011 

We Latinos are notorious for self-expression. Whether it be through music, film, or food, we have a knack for putting a bit of ourselves into everything that we do. Unfortunately, we don’t always look good in doing so. Sometimes, however, our desire to tell people who we are, what we believe, makes us look tasteless….


Gran Turismo 5 Review

December 02, 2010 

Does the long-awaited Gran Turismo 5 maintain the franchise’s status as the gold standard for simulated racing or, now that the polls are closed, can we call Forza the champ? Hold that thought.


Toyota FJ Cruiser Review

November 01, 2010 

Say hello to the burliest Toyota you’ve ever seen or driven. Pull on the giant door handle and you feel the heft of the door, the size of the frame, and you realize that the $25,279, 2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser is a tank.


Rides You Wish You Had: I-Tec’s The Maverick, aka The Flying Car

October 28, 2010 

A flying car that has FAA certification? Yup, that just happened. Check out the Maverick, a road/air vehicle hybrid from non-profit company I-TEC.