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Taco Bell: Steal a Base, Steal A Taco

October 22, 2018 

For the seventh time, Taco Bell is launching their “Steal a Base, Steal a Taco” promotion for the World Series. This time around it will feature the Los Angeles Dodgers facing the Boston Red Sox. As the years before basically the first player to steal a base during the World Series will get America and….


Fernando Valenzuela Becomes A U.S. Citizen

July 27, 2015 

As a niña growing up in Mexico in the early 80’s, I would hear about this great Mexico pitcher playing in the United States. I can remember my dad catching the Dodger Games via antenna parabolica and watching Fernando Valenzuela pitch. Valenzuela when on to accomplish Rookie of the Year, a Cy Young award, World….


Controversy Over Dodgers Jersey And Mexico’s President

December 10, 2014 

The Latino fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers were stunned when they saw Los Angles Dodgers first baseman, Adrian Gonzalez, give Mexico’s dictator Enrique Peña Nieto a custom Dodgers Jersey. Gonzalez, who won Mexico’s 2014 National Sports Award was in the capital city to receive the award and meet the dictator of Mexico. I ask….


Chorizo Bobblehead Giveaway

August 11, 2014 

The Milwaukee Brewers celebrated their Cerveceros Day event at Miller Park during the Dodger vs Brewer’s game. Just like in NBA games where teams replace their logos to a Spanish language translation during Latin nights. The Brewers took to the field with the traditional “Brewers” script replaced by the Spanish language translation “Cerveceros.” The giveaway….


Drug Cartel Involved with Young Cuban MLB Baseball Star

April 16, 2014 

An article in the Los Angeles Magazine alleges that Dodgers young superstar, Yasiel Puig, was smuggled from Cuba into the United States by a Mexican drug cartel.  According to the article, a Miami based air conditioning repairman named Raul Pacheco, help fund the transportation of Puig to Mexico by the Mexican drug cartel, Los Zetas…..