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Chipotle Halloween Boorito Promotion Is Back

October 31, 2018 

Just in time for Halloween, Chipotle’s Boorito is back with a few changes. As before anyone wearing a costume can score discounted burritos, tacos, salads and more during the Halloween day promotion from 3 p.m to closing. This year, the meal deal is $4, up from $3 last year, and it’s available without a costume, too…..


Chipotle Bringing Back Chorizo

September 18, 2018 

Remember when Chipotle introduced chorizo to its menu then they replaced it with queso? Well for all your chorizo fans you have a chance to relive your Chipotle chorizo glory. For a limited time, Chipotle will have chorizo on its menu. Chipotle’s chorizo is perfectly grilled spicy chicken or pork sausage without any artificial preservatives,….


Taco Bell Healthiest Fast-Food Chains

August 23, 2018 

When you start a new diet you probably should avoid fast food, well you may want to think twice. Taco Bell has completely restructured its menu and is now offering more wholesome options than just Crunch Wraps Supremes. Taco Bell’s dietitian and product developer, Missy Nelson, played a huge role in the improvements to the….


Chipotle Will Soon Close Up To 65 Locations

July 29, 2018 

After the e coil scandal hitting Chipotle, the fast-food company has been trying to win back customers with several promotions. Now it looks like things have not gotten better as Chipotle announced they will be closing as many as 65 U.S. locations. The company is not providing a list of which locations are closing. Chipotle….


Chipotle Hacked: Credit Card Data Stolen

June 07, 2017 

Chipotle is back in the news and this time it falls victim to cyber crimes. According to reports, Chipotle Mexican Grill data has been hacked putting its customers at risk. The breach took place between March 24 and April 18 as hackers collected track data from customers making a purchase. Track data is information transferred….