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Tag: Narcos

Pablo Escobar’s Life Being Turned Into an Opera

November 14, 2017 

The life of the notorious drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar, as been depicted in movies, TV series and novels y ahora he will hit the opera scene. Composer Matteo Neri and writer Fabian Vega Osorio are teaming up to make this production happen. Operas are known for exaggerated dramas and what better drama then the drug….


Pablo Escobar’s Former Mansion Now A Resort

September 19, 2017 

Known for its white-sand beaches and crystal clear water, Tulum was also a favorite hideout for the Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar. Now fans of the hit TV show Narcos can stay at the infamous drug lord mansion. After sitting empty for decades, art dealer, Lio Malca has since completed a total renovation and turned….


Mexican Drug Cartels Murder Another Journalist

May 16, 2017 

The notorious Sinaloa cartel murdered renowned Mexican journalist Javier Valdez. He was gunned down yesterday outside of the offices of the Rio Doce newspaper. His death was a retaliation from the drug cartel for his many stories and his recent book “Narcoperiodismo” which reported on their nefarious activities. He is the fifth journalist to be….


Netflix: Narcos Renewed For Seasons 3 and 4

September 14, 2016 

A solo unos pocos días after the ten episodes of Season 2 dropped, Netflix renewed Narcos for season 3 and 4. According to reports the executive producers on the show, José Padilha and Eric Newman, will remain with the series. Padilha and Newman stated, We’ll stop when the drug trade stops, we’ll stop when you….


Netflix Reveals Narcos Season 2 Date

June 14, 2016 

Netflix has released the official date for Season 2 of their original series Narcos. All ten episodes will premiere on September 2 at 10:01 am PST exclusively on Netflix. Para los que no han visto esta serie, Narcos chronicles the life of the infamous drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. Season 1 has a very gritty storytelling….