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Ted Cruz Speaks Spanish…Badly

The two Latino Republican candidates had it out over a certain aspect of their Latinoness at the last Republican debate: their Spanish. Both Cruz and Rubio are Cuban-Americans but as far as their Spanish goes they are very different. Rubio’s Spanish is really good, as seen in several Univision and Telemundo interviews. Cruz…not so much. The whole thing started when Rubio and Cruz were sparring over immigration. Each one trying to show how the other is softer on undocumented immigration than the other. When Cruz sighted a Univision interview that Rubio gave, Rubio said,

““I don’t know how he knows what I said on Univision because he doesn’t speak Spanish!”

Ted Cruz then became incensed and replied, in Spanish, “Marco, si quiere dícelo ah-ah-ahorrrra mismo dícelo ahora si quieres. En español, si quieres.

Let’s just say that he had quite a thick Gringo accent. It was a pretty smart move on Rubio’s part. He was, simultaneously, saying that Cruz didn’t know what he was talking about and that he, Rubio, is the more Latino candidate. And he accomplished his goal. Of course, just because a person doesn’t speak Spanish doesn’t make them any less Latino. But that is certainly the picture that Rubio wants to paint. The truth is that Cruz only uses his Latino identity when it is convenient but it is in no way a priority. Say what you want about Rubio, he actually seems to care about his Latinoness for what it’s worth.

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