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Teenager Tries To Sue Parents For Financial Support

Well folks, it looks like we barely avoided the apocalypse this week. Rachel Canning, the 18 year old that sued her parents for financial support, lost her case. Don’t feel bad for the plucky Catholic school student. Rachel Canning not only has enough money to pay lawyers, but she also has a 20,000 dollar scholarship to college waiting for her when she gets out of high school. Seriously? The balls on this girl. She’s like one of those homeless people who begs for money, but has on nicer clothes than you. A lot of people have called her a spoiled brat, which is definitely possible. However, I think this is the kind of behavior that’s going to make her a millionaire by the time she’s twenty five, sadly. The judge ruled against Rachel, saying that if he had sided with the teen, then children would think it would be okay to sue their parents for an Xbox. Of course that’s ridiculous. No one wants and Xbox.

It kind of sucks that this story has received so much media attention (and I know I’m giving it more). We live in a world where people have real problems and no one is paying them any attention. Yet this entitled, teenage succubus is getting attention because her story is, in some ways, the perfect American story. The only silver lining I can see here is that since the story went viral, sugar daddies have been slithering out of the darkest corners of the internet to come to her aid. Rachel Canning claims to have moved out of her parents house because her parents wouldn’t let her have a boyfriend. Now, thanks to media attention, she may have more sugar daddy boyfriends than she knows what to do with. I can’t think of a more a suitable punishment than that.

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