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Texas Representative Wants To Make Cesar Chavez Birthday ‘National Border Control Day’

In a move that isn’t going to garner him any votes from the Latino community, Texas representative Louie Gohmert filed a resolution in the house to make Cesar Chavez’s birthday, March 31, National Border Control Day. Cesar Chavez was, of course, a civil rights leader in the 60’s and 70’s who fought for the rights of the migrant farm workers of Latino extraction for equal pay and treatment. He is considered a hero of both Latinos and the Left. He said he chose Chavez because he was an advocate to keep

“illegal aliens out of the country. Therefore, it only seems appropriate to deem his birthday as ‘National Border Control Day’ ― seeing that Chavez spent his life addressing the harmful effects that illegal migration might have on this country and advocating for a legal immigration process.”

OK, first of all, no. Chavez did have a complicated relationship with immigration in that he did resent the fact that workers would come from Mexico and work for less while he was trying to increase the wages for the Latinos that were already here. However, to say that he was against or hated undocumented immigrants is a distortion of his message. This is a cynical ploy by Gohmert to at the same time hijack the legacy of a great civil rights leader and “stick it to the liberals”. Not too mention that people are going to associate the fact that Chavez was Latino with undocumented immigration. But then again, Gohmert is nuts. He talks about terrorist cells created “terror babies” and has spread all kinds of paranoid nonsense about Latinos in Texas. He is the worst kind of right-wing lunatic.

So, please, don’t do this to Cesar Chavez. I mean, seriously, you cannot be this shameful.

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