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The Hoverboard Is Finally Here, or is it?

Who doesn’t remember the famous hoverboard that came out in the eighties film, Back to the Future part 2? The company HUVr recently released a video promoting their new hoverboard. In the beginning of the video we see the actor Chistopher Lloyd, who played Dr. Brown, carrying a case that contains a real hoverboard.

In this video we see Terrell Owens hovering almost four feet off the ground, along with other famous stars like Moby, Tony Hawk, Los Angeles rapper Schoolboy Q, and Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino supposedly using the hoverboard.

For every Back to The Future fan that has long awaited for this technology to come true would be greatly disappointed. The company HUVr is a fictitious company and the promotional video is all a hoax from Funny or Die.

As a big fan of the Back to the Future I was exited to see this video, but after I learned the truth I was very disappointed and fell like I got slapped in the face. Why does this technology not exist? Nowadays we have advanced so much in technology that back in the eighties would seem impossible. We have electric cars that help you navigated from one point to another with step by step directions, self parking cars, cellphones that talked to you and capable of making a video call to anyone anywhere in the world and lets not forget those smart watches that recently came out.  I guess all the fans of Back to The future will have to wait to this technology come true.

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