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The Rock Returns to WWE, Will Guest Host WrestleMania XXVII

Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson rekindled America’s love affair with his wrestling character this Valentine’s Day after an appearance on the Monday broadcast of WWE’s Raw. The Rock, who hasn’t stepped inside the ring since his final fight in 2004, announced– after an amazing entrance and a well-deserved standing ovation– that he was going to be the guest host of WrestleMania XXVII.

Awesome, right? It got better. The wrestler-turned-actor spent a good chunk of time calling out John Cena and making him look like a total douchetard. Amongst the choice quotes from the Rock’s rant is this little gem:

“So let me get this straight. The WWE has gone from the powerful [Stone Cold Steve] Austin 3:16, to the dominant ‘Can you smell what the rock is cooking?’, all the way to ‘you can’t see me’?”

Oof. Clearly The Rock is cooking up some serious smack-talk chili. Check out a clip from the broadcast below:

We’re not going to lie. We weren’t thinking of paying for Wrestlemania XXVII before, but we’re certainly doing so now. How could we not? It’s the mothereffin’ Rock! This year’s event will happen on April 3 at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

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