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This Is The Best Chuntarito Related Item You’ll Ever See

Our co-worker Brian made this after watching that awful, awful video we posted. It’s sheer genius. Very rarely do we say “Damn, that idea is so great, we wish it was ours!” It’s no joke when we say that said abomination really bummed us out. So much so that upon publishing the post, we reached into our emergency drawer and pulled out some peyote. Just kidding, it was tequila.

Anyway, enjoy Brian’s brilliance (sadly, he’s wasting away in Sales). Click on the image below for the full version (do yourself a favor and look at the related items on the right side of the image). In case you’re wondering, no, it’s not a real ad.

Also, make sure to follow him on Twitter (@NotZombies). We told him we’d pay him with followers instead of actual money.

via Not Zombies

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