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This Latin Life: Mercedes Benz Tastelessly Uses Image Of Che Guevara

Welcome to “This Latin Life,” a recurring feature in which we bring you the news from south of the border in quick, funny nugget form. Mmm, nuggets…

No one likes to hear the words “blooper” and “heart transplant” in the same sentence. Well, in the grand tradition of 3 Stooges style slap-stick, that is exactly what happened this week when medics in Mexico City accidentally dropped the blood pumping organ meant for a transplant patient. I know how they feel; I could barely handle the pressure of running food when I worked as a waiter. But in the grand scheme, what would you consider worse: getting a little gravel on your heart or having me accidentally spill a pipin’ hot cappuccino all over your hairy berries? The bad news is that a video crew was there to catch every awkward moment. The good news? At least there’s no video of the medics pissing all over the heart, I suppose. [Guardian]

Mercedes Benz is taking fire for using the image of Che Guevara to promote their product. The ad campaign features “car-sharing,” which is the idea of commuters using social technology to build a network of people to carpool with, as a means to help reduce automobile emissions. Apparently, some of the company’s employees believe the idea of sharing cars “borders on communism.” And, naturally, when people think of communism, they think of how much Che loved endorsing the sale of expensive automobiles to the bourgeois class. However, when other people see images of Che, Humberto Fontova for example, are reminded of, “the mass appeal in the U.S. of the mass-murdering Stalinist who craved to destroy the U.S.” Oh well, it could be worse. Mercedes could have used the image of Princess Diana to promote the value of carpooling. [The Blaze]

In the sleepy, murder capital of Mexico – Ciudad Juarez – police have so few criminals to arrest, they’ve started busying themselves with giving traffic violation tickets to 6-year-old children. Not only did a cop give criminal mastermind, and thumb-sucker, Gael “babyface” Santiago a citation for “driving” his toy bike without a license, the officer of the law impounded his bike gave him a bill for that too! Aw man, how’s the little guy supposed to get to work? The only explanation I can see here is that this is part of their new public program, “Toys For No One!” These are the kinds of moments serial killers look back to when asked, “where did it all go wrong?” Hopefully this kid learned a valuable less here, if you’re going to bribe the cops, don’t try to grease their palms with generic Limoncho Lemon. [Fox News Latino]

Who knew politics was all high school? The president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has recently spent much time forging Breakfast Club style alliances with Latin American countries already at odds with the U.S.: Cuba, Venezuela, and soon, Ecquador. No word on whether or not Mahmoud has shown these countries his one talent of applying lipstick using only his breasts. One thing’s for sure, Ahmadinejad clearly hasn’t been raiding Barry Mannilows wardrobe. [Fox Latino]

 (Chavez look alike)

In a related story, Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez’s theory that the U.S. might be giving cancer to Latin American leaders might be flawed. This past week Argentina’s President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner was told she never had thyroid cancer. Hopefully this will teach Chavez to keep his mouth shut. When it comes to diseases, the U.S. doesn’t spread cancer, they spread gonorrhea. [Guardian]

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