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This Latin Life: Wrongful Deportation, Kissing Heads Of State, And More Smuggle Tunnels!

Welcome to “This Latin Life,” a recurring feature in which we bring you the news from south of the border in quick, funny nugget form. Mmm, nuggets…

Well, it’s official. The days of tricking the mentally ill are over. Not because it’s no longer fun, but because ICE has won the award for best accidental prank ever. Back in 2008, mentally disabled U.S. citizen Mark Lyttle was picked up by ICE authorities and shipped down to Mexico after he made claims that he was Mexican. Even though there were no records to validate his claim, the ICE took him at his word. That’s what I love about Immigration, they’re always so trusting. Oh, by the way, Mark Lyttle is of Puerto Rican descent. Also, he doesn’t speak Spanish. And he was born in North Carolina. Currently, the ACLU is helping Mark with his lawsuit, which was just given the go ahead. Moral of this story: if you’re Puerto Rican and you want a free trip to Mexico, just act mentally disabled; ICE can’t tell the difference.

Hey guys, get a room! The new Bennetton ad campaign – Unhate – features an image of President Obama locking lips with Venezuelan President-Lothario, Hugo Chavez. The advertisement was meant to provocatively preach a message of love, however the White House is objecting, as they do not typically approve of using the president’s image for commercial purposes. I guess it’s a good thing Bob Dole was never elected president, as I’d hate to see how that ad unfolded.

It’s been a rough time for Colombian pride ever since Bogotá’s Edward Nino Hernandez lost his title of World’s Smallest Person on Oct 14, 2010. However, good news this past week, as one of the world’s tiniest women, Shakira, not only became the first Colombian to get a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, the Latin Grammy Awards also named her Person of the Year. Adding both accolades to Shakira’s resume is surely no small feat. Speaking of small feet, check out how cute Edward Nino is! Mom can I have one?

Sweet Jesus. Drug tunnels are like the Kardashians. Every time a new one pops up in the news, they’re bigger and filled with more drugs than the last. However, unlike the Kardashians, drug tunnels are actually news worthy. A 400 yard narco-tunnel, connecting Tijuana to San Diego, was discovered. A 400 yard tunnel? That’s got to be embarrassing to know illegal drug runners are capable of covering over a hundred yards more than the San Diego Chargers pick up in an average game. Maybe the team scouts shouldn’t be looking at colleges for drafts, but underground.

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